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In this clip I am conducting a live reading of my work "Nature Abhors a Human". Listen to the fully produced version of this piece here.

Today I had the great pleasure of conducting a read through of a new work that I recently wrote for 41 piece orchestra. Thank you so much Symphony 47 and AFM Local 47 for having me. So grateful!

Listen to the full piece "Aether" here.

Tracking some upright bass!
Laying down some guitar on a new track!
There I go waving my hands around again.

Sometimes I like to wave my arms about.

Hashing out more new string ideas.

In the studio working out some new ideas.

Here is a clip of me conducting Copland's "Appalachian Spring"!

A montage of pre-existing TV and film scenes that I have re-scored with my own original music. *For demonstration purposes only.*

Here is a clip from the recording session of my piece "Nótt Himinn" (2013).

Here I am conducting my piece "Versus" (2015).

This clip is from my re-orchestration of "The John Dunbar Theme" by John Barry.

A clip from the recording session of my piece "Amnésique" (2013).

This video is from the recording session of my piece "So Many Faces" (2013).