Social Media Thriller Score

I’m happy to report that I was just hired to score a social media thriller teaser! I’ll share more news about the project as it becomes available.

New Music Theory Class!

I just published a new bite-sized music theory class on how to build major scales: Music Theory 101: Major Scales.

The class is for musicians, songwriters and composers who want to expand their knowledge of music theory so that they can master their craft. You can enroll in the class here

Interview on Care2Rock

A few months ago I started teaching private online music lessons on a platform called Care2Rock. They are an awesome organization that also provides free music lessons for children in foster care through a collaboration with National CASA Association.

As part of my teaching on the platform I have volunteered to give free music lessons to a 10 year old foster child in Chicago. We’ve only had a few lessons and he is already playing a Beethoven melody on piano. It has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in music.

Anyways, Care2Rock has interviewed me about my musical background, including collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan members Black Knights and also what I’ve been up to lately. You can check out the interview here.